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Searching for the Roots of Chinese Surnames

Surnames are cultural marks imprinted on human beings, which bear traces of racial origins and blood relationships, China has used surnames for more than 5,000 years, the earliest country to have adopted the practice. The way Chinese surnames have developed, changed, continued, and progressed represents a profound part of the traditional culture. It is a significant sign of Chinese civilization as well as an important component of the Chinses people and culture. Chinese surnames are not only the cohesive bond and centripetal force of Chinese people, but also the important basis for overseas Chinese descendants to trace their origins.

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“Chinese culture is old, broad and profound, and seems mysterious for foreigners as well. ”

China • Dream come ture

“Only Chinese 5,000-years-old civilization has been passed down up-to-day by the same Chinese nationality.”

China • Dream come ture