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Chinese Philosophical Traditions

The most distinguished figure include Confucius, Mencius, Lao Zi, Mo Zi, and Hanfei Zi, etc., who exerted profound and extensive figures influence on Chinese culture and laid the foundation for further development of philosophical ideas.
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The Analects of Confucius |《论语》子路篇第十三 子路问政。子曰:“先之,劳之。”请益。子曰:“无倦。”

13-1 子路问政。子曰:“先之,劳之。”请益。子曰:“无倦。” Zi Lu asks about the governance of a state. Confucius says, “Set up yourself as a fine example for the populace to follow through your handsome deeds

The Analects of Confucius |《论语》子路篇第十三 子曰:“其身正,不令而行;其身不正,虽令不从。”

13-6 子曰:“其身正,不令而行;其身不正,虽令不从。” Confucius says, “If a ruler or a government official has proper and righteous deeds, the populace at large would do what is required of them, without any

The Analects of Confucius |《论语》子路篇第十三 子曰:“’善人为邦百年,亦可以胜残去杀矣。’诚哉是言也。”

13-11 子曰:“’善人为邦百年,亦可以胜残去杀矣。’ 诚哉是言也。” Confucius says, “ ‘When kind-hearted people have governed a state for a hundred years, savage and brutal deeds can be eradicated and criminal punishments and capital

The Analects of Confucius |《论语》子路篇第十三 子曰:“不得中行而与之,必也狂狷乎!”

13-21 子曰:“不得中行而与之,必也狂狷乎!狂者进取,狷者有所不为也。” Confucius says, “If I cannot find a man of mid-way to keep me company as a pupil, I’m ready to take either a radical man or a

The Analects of Confucius |《论语》子路篇第十三 子曰:“君子泰而不骄,小人骄而不泰。”

13-26 子曰:“君子泰而不骄,小人骄而不泰。” Confucius says, “A gentleman is serene, but never arrogant while a villain is arrogant but never serene.” Appreciation& Critical Comments a. With sufficient inner strength, a gentleman

The Analects of Confucius |《论语》宪问篇第十四 子曰:“君子而不仁者有矣夫,未有小人而仁者也。”

14-6 南宫适问于孔子曰:“羿善射,奡荡舟,俱不得其死然。禹稷耕稼,而有天下。”夫子不答。 南宫适出,子曰:“君子哉若人,尚德哉若人。” Nan Gong Kuo says to Confucius: “Yi is exceptionally skillful at shooting arrows; Ao is sufficiently strong to push boats forwards on land. But neither of

The Analects of Confucius |《论语》宪问篇第十四 宪问耻。子曰:“邦有道,谷; 邦无道,谷,耻也。”

14-1 宪问耻。子曰:“邦有道,谷; 邦无道,谷,耻也。” Yuan Xian asks about shame and disgrace. Confucius says, “When the Way or justice and truth dominate in the state, you just take a regular official’s

The Analects of Confucius |《论语》宪问篇第十四 子曰:“晋文公谲而不正,齐桓公正而不谲。”

14-16 子曰:“晋文公谲而不正,齐桓公正而不谲。” Confucius says, “Lord Jin Wen is crafty and full of stratagems, and crooked and winding in human dealings. On the contrary, Lord Qi Huan is clear and

“Chinese culture is old, broad and profound, and seems mysterious for foreigners as well. ”

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“Only Chinese 5,000-years-old civilization has been passed down up-to-day by the same Chinese nationality.”

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